Commission Report: No need for stricter classification of firearms

Today the European Commission adopted a report to the European Parliament and the Council in which it concludes that there would be no clear benefit in a compulsory restriction of the classification at EU level to only two categories of civilian firearms, namely prohibited and subject to authorisation.

This report was provided for by the EU Firearms Directive, and its conclusion is in line with the recommendations by FACE on this matter.

It will be up to each individual Member State to continue to decide if other classifications for the acquisition and possession of certain specifically listed categories of firearms in the Directive be applied on its territory, provided that the minimum thresholds established by the Directive are respected. This could be for example simple declaration or registration systems for hunting firearms like single-shot, bolt-action, lever-action and semi-automatic rifles with a non-convertible fixed magazine holding no more than two rounds as well as single-shot, side-by-side and over-and-under shotguns.

The full report is available on the Commission’s website: