On 6 and 7 October 2014, the association “CEEweb for Biodiversity” organised the “CEEweb Academy on Green Infrastructure – Preserving our Natural Capital: Policy and Practice” in Budapest, Hungary.

CEEweb represents the network of several dozens of nature conservation organizations from Central and Eastern European countries and aims to conserve biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.

The CEEweb Academy on Green Infrastructure aims to bring together public officers, policy makers, non-governmental organizations and personalities from the academic world to share and discuss experience and inspire new ways of thinking for a more efficient preservation of our natural capital in Central and Eastern Europe in light of the most recent EU initiatives.

FACE Nature Policy Officer Charlotte Simon attended the event, taking part in the discussion and presenting a poster showing best-practice examples of hunters’ contribution to Green Infrastructure (GI).

During the discussions, it appeared that there are various definitions and opinions on what exactly Green Infrastructure means. However, the meeting provided an opportunity of having an open discussion on the different possibilities for implementing GI involving as many stakeholders as possible and delivering effective results in a cost-effective way. 

Hunters could definitively play a role in GI implementation through their practical experience in the field work while GI would in the meantime benefit hunting activities. However, knowledge, communication and experience sharing need to be improved.

In that purpose, CEEweb developed a knowledge hub in order to share information, articles and case studies concerning Green Infrastructure. For more information please visit:

Al the information and presentations of the meeting are available here: