Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition 61st Congress

This Congress brings together the industry leaders and invited guests to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in relation to sporting ammunition, for both hunting and sport shooting. The items under discussion included the EU and UN initiatives, including lead in ammunition and the UN small arms treaty. Whilst sport shooting is important, as the AFEMS Congress took place in France - the country with the largest number of hunters in Europe - and more specifically, Nice is in the Département of the French National Hunters’ Federation’s President Bernard Baudin (FNC - Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs), this provided the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in relation to hunting. 

FACE’s Angus Middleton presented some of the information from a European perspective, which is unfortunately limited on details. The last comprehensive report was done in 1995. Nonetheless, some bag records show increasing numbers of large game being shot and varied levels of small game being shot.

There followed a truly excellent presentation by the FNC which was led by Thierry Coste who interviewed the FNC President and director of INTERPROCHASSE F.Finot. The presentation highlighted the importance of working together to create a good basis for hunting, and being nonpartisan in our lobbying efforts.

Whilst there will be small differences between the ammunition industry and hunters it is also true that we have a lot in common and it is of the utmost importance that we collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes, for their market and our passion - hunting.