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24 Oct 2013

After five and a half years - and with his Belgian hunting licence obtained with a 100% score in the shooting test - FACE’s Gabor von Bethlenfalvy is moving on to new challenges. In his time at FACE Gabor has been a key member of a team that has achieved so much for European hunting and conservation. 

4 Oct 2013

This year, on 3-4 October, the Annual Biosymposium of the Oxford Biodiversity Institute, focused on Biodiversity Resilience. Amongst some very interesting ecological and scientific approaches to the issue of resilience, the Biosymposium also considered governance and policy trade-offs. 

19 Sep 2013

High-level speakers from EU institutions, environmental, hunting and other biodiversity stakeholders from 25 countries discussed and presented actions to conserve and restore biodiversity at the 2013 FACE Hunting for Solutions Conference in Brussels on 13 September.

6 Jan 2013

World Wetlands Day, coordinated by the Ramsar Convention is a great opportunity to highlight the good work of hunters and their organisations’ contributions to conserving wetlands.

30 Nov 2012

The 32nd annual meeting of the Standing Committee to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) took place 27-30 November in Strasbourg, France.

Participants were environment officials representing Contracting Parties as well as delegates from some twenty stakeholders’ organisations, including FACE. The very busy agenda contained a number of hunting-relevant issues:

7 Oct 2012

Biodiversity policy at a global level is guided by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the most important international convention in the field of environment conservation. The CBD has 3 main objectives, notably for hunters the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of the components of biological diversity.

28 Sep 2012

The Danish Hunters´ Association held the second of two conferences on small game on 27-28 September. The conferences saw national and international experts presenting their professional knowledge and assessment of issues related to management of field game in modern agriculture, exploring the topic from both national and European perspectives with many partners involved.

26 Sep 2012

Under the initiative of the FACE Member SLRB (Union of Hunters and Anglers of Bulgaria) a symposium on Natura 2000 and Biodiversity was held at their headquarters in Sofia.

15 Sep 2012

The Congress witnessed the launch of the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) which replaces the previous Sustainable Use Specialist Group which was receiving dwindling support.


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