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14 Dec 2016

This wetland restoration project takes place on a hunter’s 30 ha landholding in Flanders (Belgium). The site forms part of a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under Natura 2000 and the objective is it to restore an Annex I habitat; an alluvial forest with Alder (Alnus glutinosa) and Ash (Fraxinus excelsior).

24 Nov 2016

Since 1995, the Hellenic Hunters Confederation has been conducting the program “ARTEMIS I”

“ARTEMIS I” aims to:

4 Aug 2016

The latest national survey conducted in the Republic of Ireland suggested that Irish Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus hibernicus) suffered a 70% decline in 40 years to a population of roughly 4,200 birds. While many projects were initiated in response to this, the Boleybrack Mountain Red Grouse Project stands out as a best case example.

13 Jul 2016

Spanish and Portuguese hunters participated in the successful project LIFE+IBERLINCE, which has tripled the number of Iberian lynx in only one decade from less than 100 individuals in 2002 to more than 400 in 2015. 

4 May 2016

Hunters team up with public bodies responsible for state forestry services in Poland in order to preserve the country’s capercaillie population.

23 Dec 2015

Hunters’ actions meant that, in 2012, the Swedish population of Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus) was the only one in the world not declining.

31 Mar 2015

In 1990, the Spanish Royal Federation of Hunting founded FECENCA, the Foundation for the Study and Protection of Nature and Hunting, which is meant to support scientific research on:

28 Feb 2015

Although we know that wildlife monitoring is an integral part of wildlife management, there are still lacking data on e.g.:

  • Abundance
  • Spatio-temporal distribution
  • Gender distribution
  • Age patterns
  • Health status


28 Jan 2015

In the regions of Djursland/Midtjylland (Denmark), the Danish Hunters´ Association decided to start a research project from 2013 to 2016 aiming to improve knowledge on the Grey Partridges. 

24 Nov 2014

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 requires the European Commission to carry out further work to propose by 2015 an initiative to ensure there is no net loss of ecosystems and their services (e.g. through compensation or offsetting schemes).


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