Press releases
Title Document Date
The European Commission disregards cultural requirements of EU citizens EN FR 28/09/2015
FACE elected Dr Michl EBNER as new President EN FR DE 22/09/2015
FACE welcomes MEPs acknowledging the problem of human-wolves Conflicts EN DE 22/09/2015
Increasing wolf population will be discussed by MEPS EN 22/09/2015
The Return of the Wolf to the European Landscape: Challenges and Solutions EN FR 17/07/2015
Note on the European Commission’s request to Sweden to bring wolf hunting into line with EU standards EN FR DE 19/06/2015
Intergoup Session on Wildlife Crime EN FR DE 12/05/2015
Face Joins Forces With International Falconry Association EN FR DE 21/04/2015
INTERGROUP First Session EN FR DE 23/02/2015
New Seal Trade Proposal Blocks Sustainable Use And Obliges Waste Of Natural Resources In The EU EN FR DE 10/02/2015
Hunters call on the EU for more recognition of their environmental role EN FR DE 23/09/2014
European Hunters join the European Platform to help resolve conflicts over large carnivores EN DE 12/06/2014
FACE Members Meeting 2014 in Sweden EN FR DE 17/04/2014
European Parliament rejects ban on live decoy birds EN FR 17/04/2014
Fight against illegal trafficking in firearms: European Commission aims at wrong target! EN FR DE 10/02/2014
FACE appoints new Secretary General EN FR DE 16/01/2014
European hunters hold conference on action for biodiversity conservation in Europe EN FR DE 20/09/2013
Croatia: EU Accession EN DE 09/07/2013
The 2013 FACE Members' Meeting EN FR DE 27/03/2013
Lead in Ammunition & Possible Alternatives - PARLIAMENT INTERGROUP EN FR DE 09/01/2013
FACE Celebrates 35 Years EN FR DE 14/09/2012
Rural Development Policy: Getting It Right EN FR DE 13/06/2012
Hunters Fly Far & High for Migratory Birds - AEWA MOP-5 & World Migratory Birds EN FR DE 14/05/2012
The Future of Europe's Waters EN 11/04/2012
FACE Members' Meeting 2012 EN FR DE 31/03/2012
World Wetlands Day 2012 EN FR DE 02/02/2012
Invasive Alien Species: the solutions EN FR DE 24/01/2012
Mediterranean Hunting & Conservation Leaders Meet in Cyprus EN FR 21/01/2012
The FACE of 2012 EN FR DE 02/01/2012
Position papers
Title Document Date
Legal Firearms & Possible Reopening of Directive 91/477/EEC EN FR DE 09/08/2013
Future of the Rural Development Policy Post-2013 EN 24/04/2012
Common Agricultural Policy Reform 2010 EN FR DE 20/09/2010
Lead shot in wetlands phase-out EN FR DE 26/03/2010
30 Years of the Birds Directive EN FR DE 29/09/2009
Avian Influenza and Wild Birds EN FR DE 09/09/2005
Trapping EN FR DE 03/09/2005
Large Carnivores EN FR DE 03/09/2005
Hunting Tourism EN FR DE 04/09/2004
Natura 2000 EN FR DE 13/09/2003
Title Document Date
The FACE Annual Report 2014 EN FR DE 28/11/2014
The FACE Annual Report 2013 EN FR DE 14/09/2013
The FACE Annual Report 2012 EN FR DE 01/04/2012
The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto EN FR DE 01/09/2011

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