The European Parliament Intergroup "Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside"

Known as the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup, FACE has provided the Secretariat for this key official Parliamentary platform since 1985.

Its objectives are to promote the role of hunting and other forms of sustainable use of wild species for biodiversity, wildlife management, rural development and forestry issues and to discuss current subjects whilst building the bridge between civil society and decision makers.

With over 150 actively supporting MEPs during the 2009-2014 parlimentary term making up its Membership, the Intergroup is one of the largest in the Parliament. Its activities are run by its Bureau who are responsible for setting the themes and providing overall guidance.

For the 2014-2019 term of the EP, the Intergroup will be reconstituted under the name “Biodiversity, Hunting & Countryside”, which reflects better its conservation goals and the fact that most of its Members are not hunters. 

“With 5-6 gatherings annually in the European Parliament, the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup mobilises on current themes such as Natura 2000, animal welfare, biodiversity, agriculture, forestry or invasive alien species. We keep an interactive role so as to create the space for dialogue between MEPs from different political groups, officials, assistants and European Commission representatives. Having made a special effort with our communications, we have – thanks to the key involvement of FACE – seriously increased our visibility through high-profile events. The Intergroup equally plays a role in clarifying the European discourse to hunters on the ground by providing tailored guidance.”

- MEP Véronique Mathieu, outgoing President of the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup

“Through the support of the different political groups, we jointly bring the legitimate concerns of the hunting and conservation communities into the parliamentary process. Whether it is the Common Agricultural Policy reform, wildlife conservation, forestry or animal health policy - we operate as a network and a team in a cross-cutting and effective manner. Our thanks go to FACE, ELO and all the supporters of the Intergroup.”

- MEP Markus Pieper, outgoing Secretary General of the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup

“Through my work with this Intergroup, I regularly have the pleasure of working with FACEThey are passionate about how hunters can contribute to the conservation of the countryside and maintain rural activities that have been enjoyed by so many, for so long.”

- MEP Robert Sturdy, outgoing Co-President of the Sustainable Hunting Intergroup

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